Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Supai Falls - Revisited

Every time I pass this painting, still on the painting board, I think it needs something so today I went in and added a few more darks here and there as well as lifted out some lights in a few places. Now that I see them near each other on the blog, I will probably see that I didn't do enough to make much difference. But, I am weary of this one so will put it away and continue on with my rose still life. That one is less exciting to me, also. Must be the dog days of summer, where it is hard to get excited about painting anything. Maybe I could paint something I really like if I were sitting under a pine tree somewhere where it was cool! Yeah, that's the ticket. We will be venturing out in the motorhome in another week or so for a short trip to a slightly cooler, higher elevation place so I'll let you know if that helps! In the meantime, I will keep painting on this rose that is looking suspiciously muddy to me already.


Anonymous said...

Oh Susan... I think the latest changes you made on your painting make a distinct difference. It's looking wonderful.

Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

Thanks, Carol! I do think the sunny rock look is better on the current version, but find that I have not removed this painting from the board yet, must have something I am pondering still with this. This may be a painting that I leave on the board awhile and go on to other projects and revisit again later.