Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sunrise - 8/30/08

We had our third sunrise photo jaunt this morning. As long as the Monsoon season is lasting it affords us the pleasure of sunrises that have been just spectacular so we have wanted to take advantage of them with the cameras. This morning saw us packing my tripod and a breakfast picnic and we headed out at 5:15 for our favorite nearby spot on the desert. No signs, no street lights, no rooftops, just sunrise on the desert horizon. Super!

These are just three of the 163 photos I took this morning. I also processed four new panorama shots which are on my Flickr site. They are the last four photos on this link: Stop by for a peek if you want to see some sunrise panoramic photos.

I shared these links Tuesday with one of my online groups and one of the artists stated "if God had wanted us to see the sunrise She would have scheduled it for later in the day"! I have to disagree with that notion. At sunrise, even on the desert, there is no dust or heat, all is fresh and renewed. It has been wonderful getting to take these jaunts this week.

I have to add, also, that we realized this morning that it was 39 years ago in July that as an engaged couple we sat on a cliff in LaJolla, overlooking the Pacific, and took sunset photos together. Of course this was with my little Instamatic heavy tripods, cameras, extra lenses, etc. But, the memory of doing that has not faded, nor has the appreciation of being together then as well as today....39 years later!


Christine, Pat and Aubrey said...

I guess your insomnia has some advantages, finally.

Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

Not really insomnia...just some unritten rule tha tI must get only six hours of sleep, if I go to bed early, I wake up sleeping in for me.....ever! The jaunts this week have definitely made getting up early worth it, the sunrises have been spectacular! Like I told someone, sleepyheads have missed out this week!