Thursday, August 28, 2008

Flickr Photos - 8/28/08

If you would be interested in seeing any of the other photos I entered into the Flickr site from this morning, just go to: to see the slideshow. The views this morining were even more spectacular than Tuesday's show, which I enjoyed so much! Stay tuned, because on Saturday, if conditions (clouds at the right place at the right time!) persist at sunrise, we will take a picnic breakfast and be out "there" again! The desert at sunrise at this time of the year can be so dramatic, so let's hope for the best. I have my camera, tripod and hopes all ready!

If you would like to see the panoramas I took this morning and have had the time to process, please go to: and choose the last two of this collection. I am trying to get good at these, trying is the operative word here! At least I am having a ball trying to get these right and I think I am inching toward that!

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