Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Prickly Pear Study - WIP 2

I am at my stopping point for today. I darkened the cast shadows on the cactus pads (chromium oxide green with a little sap green here and there and some Royal Amethyst [dioxazine purple] dropped in just for the fun of it).

Not being much of a "detail" person this one is going to be a bit much for me to properly cast all those sticker shadows to show where they are in all those clusters on the cactus pads, but I want to do it to add to the realism a bit and I love the dark colors against that sunlit green. I've already done a few of those in some of the fruit stickers and think what I am doing will work. I also need to soften a few of the modeling shadow edges and continue adding modeling shadows to the fruit. This one and the large one it is a study for should keep me occupied for quite awhile!

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