Friday, March 12, 2010

Wildflowers, At Last

Tom and I took a day off yesterday to go to Quartzsite to buy some more jewelry findings for me, but mainly to head off in that direction and stop wherever we found wildflowers blooming. We had such a wet winter that we had thought they would be starting sooner and more glorious than usual. Apparently, it depends on when the water comes, as well as how much comes. October is the month that determines the success of the Spring's wildflower season, and we didn't get much rain then. However, we are still holding out hopes for a better season than the last few years.

As we drove on the "primitive" roads we found some patches of California and Mexican poppies that were just starting to open on the sunny sides of slopes, near washes, etc. The lupines are coming along nicely, too. We hope to get out again in the weeks to come to see what we can find. Whether we manage to find many flowers or not, it always makes a good excuse for wandering around the desert, taking photos and enjoying the day together.

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Barb Sailor said...

It is great to see flowers - both are lovely. Thanks for sharing.