Friday, March 26, 2010

Desert Bloom

We had a play day yesterday where we did some errands, had lunch out, and drove around looking for and at wildflowers which are just reaching their peak in the valley at this point. Here we have the ubiquitous Brittle Bush, which grace the sides of highways and roads, probably as much for erosion control as beauty, but they are very cheerful.

Shots of the poppies and cactus, along with a few lupines north of Lake Pleasant. On the sunny slopes of these hills the poppies were wonderful, growing in great patches around the saguaros.


Ruth said...

Susan, I can't believe that your flowers are in such full bloom right now. Here in NH, the little green tips are just peeking thru the soil. It's a delight to look at your photos. Makes me want to take a trip out your way right now. And, I love the painting of the daffodil fields. That would be another place I'd like to visit. Can't even imaging that many all in one place. It must be absolute heaven to see all these beautiful flowers whether desert area or in fields. Wish I was there. And thanks so much for sharing your photos. Ruth

Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

You are welcome, Ruth! I do know that we, here on the desert, enjoy Spring much earlier than you; but, we endure a much hotter, earlier summer than you so it all works out!