Monday, March 22, 2010

Tulips - Final

These are the tulips, somewhat improved over what I submitted awhile ago. I don't particularly excel at painting flowers (?!)and don't do that very much, although I enjoy seeing them and growing them. But, they just don't speak to my paint brushes the way other subjects do. Anyway, thanks to Barb for reminding me about that background upper foliage all going out of the painting.

I used a microfiber cloth for lifting out the highlights, particularly on the right blossom. I like the texture this method leaves.


Vicki Greene said...

Susan, I think you did a wonderful job on these flowers. Beautiful!

debwardart said...

Hi Susan - could not believe these tulips - I have some quite similar in casein! Isn't it funny how you will find paintings so similar to your own - guess we all see the same beauty around us! And, I think you CAN paint flowers!!!