Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Desert View - WIP 1

As my mentoring classes are winding down for the season, I find myself wanting to start a more considered painting; one that I will do in phases and allow to dry between layers of paint instead of trying to do a complete painting in the three-hour sessions. I am taking the study I did below of the Utah Desert and painting the revised version (after critiques from my critique groups)on a half sheet of Kilamanjaro 300-lb paper. This is my last sheet of this paper and I want to see how it behaves before ordering any more, it has been quite some time since using it.

I find that it works better for me to underpaint the darkest darks and some of the midtones of the mountains to define them before I start painting them in earnest. This keeps me from getting lost when I start slopping on the paint. I will take care to paint the complement (in this case purple) over the underpainted areas so they will be the darkest parts of the mountains.

I truly am committed to taking my time on this one since I have done so much studying of the subject and had some good suggestions to make it a better painting. we go!


RHCarpenter said...

I am liking this so far - good, steady work to come and I know this is gonna be a winner!

Vicki Greene said...

Looking forward to seeing this one progress. Sometimes it is so much fun to be able to take your time on a piece.