Saturday, March 15, 2008

Yupo Petroglyphs

I wanted to do something different at the art club Thursday afternoon so decided to do some more Yupo. I brought along different objects from around the house to use for "stamping" onto the Yupo. I used these stamps both negatively and positively. I started out trying to create something for the Arizona Artists Guild Spring show, with the theme of "Green - Found objects transformed". I thought the nylon mesh, foam paint rollers, stencils, bubble wrap, etc. would qualify as "found objects" and this might work for that show entry.

I got started putting layer after layer of watercolor paint on this, removing bits of it with the meshes and bubble wrap, adding to it with positive stamping with the objects and just kept going for three hours. I had so much fun I think I lost sight of my original theme, but I really didn't care by the time I got done with this, it was a fun time of discovery.

What is so strange is that this is only the second almost-abstract painting I have ever attempted, I usually do more realistic landscapes, etc. I was in virgin territory here and wasn't sure what to do next. I took it to the Vanguard Artists meeting yesterday afternoon, hoping to get some feedback about what else was needed design-wise, etc. and was told to just sign it and leave it alone, that was the overwhelming critique with this. Cool! Since I don't look at much abstract art I really couldn't get a good feeling about this but now I think I will just frame it. It will be matted and fit into a 29 x 36 frame, I hope I don't break the glass on this big one, too. I still have to replace the glass with Plexiglas for the last one I broke while framing it. These big sheets of thin glass aren't very forgiving!

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