Saturday, March 22, 2008

Newspaper Rock

This must be my day for finishing up projects that have been left partially finished. Now, I can move on to my next big idea. No wonder I can't remember anything, there are so many ideas filling my brain there is no room for remembered things!

I saw this method of doing petroglyph watercolors in a gallery in Tubac a few years back and, unfortunately, cannot remember the name of the artist as I would like to give her credit for the inspiration for this piece. This is a quarter-sheet study done to check out this method for a full sheet painting I would like to do. Stayed tuned for that! I plan on using LOTS of my reference photos of petroglyphs, I have hundreds and hundreds of them.

I thought I was finished with this one but now think I will do some splattering to make the petroglyphs looks less smooth and more aged. There is something about seeing photos of my paintings on the computer screen that acts like a "you need to do this" reminder. Strange.

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