Friday, October 22, 2010

Maroon Bells - Final

I finished two paintings yesterday afternoon, but for some reason I am not photographing the second one very well so will wait until there is better light outside for that one.

This is from the Maroon Bells area of Colorado. I really played up the maroon colors in this, but another artist saw it yesterday and asked if it was of the Maroon Bells since he had been there and recognized it. That made me feel very good!

This is a combination of acrylic ink, transparent watercolor, gouache, and finally acrylic. It was an experiment so I am not sure I accomplished much after using so many different approaches. At any rate, it is finished!


Barb Sailor said...

This is a lovely painting. You have managed to keep your brushes wet in spite of the year you have had. I really like the way you have handled the foliage in this one. I love your work.

Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

Thanks so much, Barb! There are things that accidentally turned out okay with this one and that I like, but I did struggle with going from dark to light instead of light to dark when using the acrylic paints. So, anything that turned out okay was a happy accident!