Sunday, August 02, 2009

Proud Grandma!

Our son sent this recent photo of our Aubrey practicing mixing colors with her watercolor set. How fun is this?! I can't wait for our next painting session together, hope it will be soon. I want to send her some pieces of good watercolor paper. She likes my little surprise packages and I think she is ready to progress to Arches! We still have her first painting hanging on our refrigerator.

Also, please note the chair upon which she is sitting...we gave that to her for her first Christmas. She was too young then to appreciate it, but Patrick says she has claimed it as "her chair" and uses it all the time.


Vicki Greene said...

Oh, just look at her! How adorable!

Barbara Sailor said...

What a beautiful child she is, Susan!She is quite an artist also. There is nothing as wonderful as grandchildren. I am lucky because my two youngest live just around the corner. I have an art wall for them in my basement studio. They can put any pictures up until it becomes full and at that time have to become art critics and decided what will come down to make room for the new creation.

Gary Keimig said...

This certainly brings back memories of my own children, nieces and nephews and more recently grand children. Kids just love this.
On your last post it looks like you are doing the painting from Capitol Reef in Utaqh? If so I have done the same scene. It is a difficult one but sure incredible country.
God bless and happy painting

Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

Thanks everyone! I enjoy sharing those special moments that Aubrey has. I also enjoy sharing the joy of being a grandmother.

Gary, the canyon painting was done from the bottom of the Grand Canyon, not Capitol Reef. All of the southwestern canyons bring memories of being in all the other canyons, whether it is Utah, Nevada, Arizona or New Mexico. They are very uniquely colored.