Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mule Deer in Chama

We went into the heart of Chama to the one grocery store here yesterday. I have learned to not venture forth in this area without my camera since there seems to be so much to photograph. Yesterday was no different. By the side of the main street in Chama was a grassy area; standing in this area, eating breakfast, was this beautiful Mule Deer. It just stood there and posed for me, we were not very far away from her and she was not bothered at all.

Right near our RV park I have so far seen multiple chipmunk sightings, a deer and a fox. Being from the desert I never get to see these critters; we only have coyotes, jack rabbits and the occasional bobcat! I am promised photos of the bear that comes down on occasion to the river here in the park, so will share those when I receive them. I have left my cell phone number with one of the campers at the river's edge that if this bear returns to give me a call and I will hurry there for photos.


Marco Grittani said...

That sounds so exciting! I love watching nature! Especially when it's something that is so different that what you're used to.

Vicki Greene said...

Great shot!