Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Conejos River Valley

We drove from Chama toward Antonito, CO yesterday, turning off before we got to Antonito. One of the joys we find with exploring the areas we visit is the spontaneity to go off the beaten track and see what we can find. We saw the turnoff to Trujillo Meadows, had heard of that from friends, found a pristine reservoir there. I took some photos to stitch together of the lake and will do that later. When we left there, we found another side road that wound through the Conejos River valley, 23-mile dirt road that had breathtaking scenery the whole way. The round trip of 46 miles took us over three hours since we kept stopping along the way, frequently, for photo op's. It was a lovely day, perfect weather, wonderful scenery and the joy of discovery for us. We are so thankful that doing the dialysis in the motorhome successfully allows us a return to what we both enjoy so much...exploring places we have never been. Life is good!


Vicki Greene said...

What beautiful country! I am so glad that you guys are having a good time.

Barbara Sailor said...

Lovely photographs and how great that you can travel and see all these beautiful spots.