Sunday, August 23, 2009

Great Day

This is one of the many views we enjoyed yesterday. The Rio Chama, south of where we are staying, is running much higher and faster there than here. There were many rafters and kayakers on the river and it looked like they were having a ball. When I say "we" I mean the four happy "campers" below.

This motley crew consisted of our good friends, Barb and Charlie and Tom and I. I had set the self-timer on the camera and tripped my way back in time for the photo. That is the Rio Chama behind us. We had great weather, wonderful scenery, nice picnic lunches and, best of all, a day spent with these two great friends. They are leaving Chama today, it has been so nice having them with us!

To make the day even greater, when we returned I was paid for selling another pair of earrings from my display in the RV park office. I have had lots of time for making jewelry and painting while here, I hope that continues!

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Barbara Sailor said...

Susan, as usual you photos are just beautiful and what a dream vacation. Congrats on the earrings sale. It is so interesting following you on your trek. Thanks for including us...