Sunday, November 23, 2008

Surprise Sunrise - 11/23/08

We took another breakfast picnic to the desert here in Surprise to capture more sunrise shots. Yesterday's sunrise was so nice, this morning's was less spectacular due to the lack of cloud bands near where the sun rose. It was a nice thing to do, anyway. It was quite cold this morning, as compared to the last breakfast picnic we had in this spot in September!

The shot with the most blue is the first one I took after the tripod and camera were set up. I love the colors in this. The other shot was of the more distant clouds at that time, they were more of a light coral color. I shot many of the actual sunrise, but due to a remote trigger malfunction (okay, the photographer was not noticing that it wasn't actually taking any photos!) I do not have any of those to share. Drat! One of these days I will have everything ready to go at the right moment.

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