Monday, November 10, 2008

Desert Sky

One of the monthly projects for the online Watercolor Workshop is to paint this sky from a photo provided by the moderator. We could make it with whatever landscape elements we wanted, but it should be of this desert sky. Since I was at my ArtChix sale table this weekend I thought I would do a "demo" while there and did this project painting. It was fun to work on, stayed fairly loose with it and met the requirements of the project.
The sale was moderately succcessful for me, but the new advertising/sign restrictions placed upon us by the HOA here in the community did not help draw in many people, and then there is the problem of the economy. Sigh. Hopefully our new administration, when begun, will be more successful in averting disaster than the current one has and will have some magical means to right the wrongs with the stock market. Enough politicism, I'll be quiet now.

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