Saturday, February 09, 2008

No paintings!

I think the reason I keep my blog more current is because I tire of seeing the same painting on top when I open my blog! Alas, no new paintings or WIPs today, but they will be coming. The current WIP is at the awkward teenage phase, and I haven't decided if I will allow it to grow up yet. Too strange-looking to share at this point! Another example of not doing dark enough contour shadows in the underpainting. We'll see if I can make up for that.

I am watching, chapter by chapter, a video on painting on Yupo paper. I am picking up lots of tips on smoothing and texturing the watercolor and will soon try another Yupo painting. Today starts the next phase of having our home interior walls painted so lots going on painting-wise other than fine art painting.

I'll check in later if there is any progress with my WIP portrait, this lady sure looks freaky right now!

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