Friday, February 22, 2008

Mr. Wilbur - WIP 2

Here is the second WIP for Mr. Wilbur. I still have more detailing to do on the window glass, frame and barn wall but want to do the denim clothes on him to see if I need to add more orange. Here's what I was thinking when I did the barn wall, I wanted to make it rustic-looking and since his denim clothes, being blue, are a complement of the orange I thought that would look good together. I will either kick myself or pat myself on the back on that decision, we'll see. Also on the decision-making part of painting this, there was a foreground of green grass in the reference photo which I found incongruous with the bare tree, jacket on Mr. Wilbur and snow on the ground by the building so I changed it to a larger gravel area with a few rocks which I will detail later. My apologies to Mr. Wilbur's lawn that I removed, but I thought that would also draw the eyes away from him and his wood cart so changed it a bit. Like I said, we'll see.

Everyone who saw me working on this at the Art Club studio yesterday was so taken with this photo and painting, so I am still very excited about doing it.

On to the denim, I love painting folds in cloth!

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