Sunday, February 24, 2008

Mr. Wilbur - Final WIP?

I received some good advice and followed through with making the changes. One of the suggestions was to do more modeling on Mr. Wilbur's face, which in real life does show better than I can show in the photo of the entire painting. It is such a long painting that to get the entire painting in the shot you have to be farther away than I like to shoot photos of paintings. So, I did a blow-up of the details of his face to better show what it looks in real life. I fear I can't do much more with his face because the paper has lost its sizing from the adjustments I have made and remade so it will probably have to stand as is. I am considering this one done unless someone sees something really wrong with it. It was also suggested that I add the blue in his clothes to other parts of the painting so I punched up the window pane darks with this and added a bit here and there to the wood and woodcart.

Thanks especially to Jane and Rhonda for making the above suggestions. A very special thanks to Terri Wetzel, who took this photograph of her neighbor, Mr. Wilbur, and graciously gave the group permission to use it. I am wondering what Mr. Wilbur would think of what I have done to him, his barn and lawn if he saw this, but I did exercise my artistic license on this one.


Marilyn Fuerstenberg said...

This is an awesome painting. I like how you made the slushy snow. The branches and the barn wood is excellent. A winner.
Marilyn Fuerstenberg

Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

Thanks Marilyn! Your opinion means a lot to me as I admire your work so. Your current Jamaica Coconut Man painting just entrances me as it developes. All of that negative painting is so difficult for me to comprehend and execute, and you do it so effortlessly, it seems.

I like Mr. Wilbur, too, and plan to mat and frame it very soon so I am not tempted to do anything else to it, and consequently mess it up.