Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Zion Workshop

This is one of our painting days alongside the Virgin River in Zion Nat'l Park. The group to the left is just part of our group, we were spread out over a larger area of the river on this day. I was standing on a bridge to take this photo. Wonderful weather and painting, all-in-all a very successful workshop experience.


Artmaker - Cecilia Price said...

Susan! Wow, I haven't been over here in a long time, I really have a warm feeling after reading your blog, all about your grandbaby and your work and your trip to the workshop! Carl Purcell, huh? Wow, you must have had a fabulous time. Looks so interesting.

When I went to Las Vegas one time though, the air was so dry I couldn't stand it. Also, when we flew back into Atlanta airport, I wanted to kiss the ground. I had truly missed the rolling green hills.


Michelle Himes said...

What a great spot for a workshop, Susan. Your two workshop paintings are terrific! I'd love to come out West for a workshop some day.


Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

Thanks, Michelle and Cia! I appreciate your comments on my blog.

The workshop was just wonderful, although I think I will seek out other Carl Purcell workshop venues in the future. I have been to Zion Nat'l Park so many times I want to try something else next time. He is going to Acadia Nat'l Park some time this summer for a workshop there, unfortunately that is too far of a distance for me to go for a workshop. If he is ever in your areas you should take the workshop, he is a wonderful instructor.


Emmi Andersen said...

So I missed this workshop again!
I came down with shingles and can't even move around.
I am still in awful afterpain right now. Am hoping to get better, but it does not look like it wants to give me abreak.
Love your two paintings in your blog!
Had a similar rained out workshop with Carl some years ago, but we got things done anyway.
Maybe next time I'll be able to particiate.
Have a nice day.
P.S.I have not been able to read all the posts for 3 months now, arrrggghh.
Nice blog btw!