Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Death Valley

I have been unable to submit anything to my blog since we left on our trip since Internet Explorer would not allow that. Tom has Mozilla Foxfire on his laptop so we tried it through that and it worked. These are two of the many photos I have taken in Death Valley and surrounding areas in the past week. Tomorrow morning we leave for Zion and my Carl Purcell workshop there.

We're having a fun and relaxing time, enjoying our first road trip in over three months. Death Valley is such an interesting place. We have been there during sunrise, sunset and sundown and all the times in between. The colors of the rocks change magically according to the time of the day. The photo of the rocks is at Artist's Palette, which is aptly name due to the different rock colors. The other photo is of a sundown trip we took through the park.

More later as I process more photos.

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