Sunday, April 01, 2007

New Clayboard Tiles

I have been working on more of these petroglyphs on clayboard "tiles" in preparation for the next ArtChix sale, April 7 and 8. The top two of these struck me as being somewhat "alien" in appearance, but this is a truthful depiction of the petroglyphs found near Moab, UT in Thompson Wash. Although I depicted them as petroglyphs (scraped into the rock), they were actually pictographs (painted onto the rock, usually under a cliff overhang so they have endured for centuries) The bottom right figure was found at a site near Albuquerque, NM and I suspect it is of a chieftain figure and is one of the few petroglyphs I have seen that shows what appears to be a robe or covering. The bottom left figure is from the Fremont people, recognizeable because of the earrings and trapezoidal shape of the figure. These are all 5x7 in size.

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