Friday, April 06, 2007

Office finished

We have officially moved everything into the office area of the new room and, except for a few finishing touches this is finished. After my weekend ArtChix sale anything that doesn't sell (yeah, right!) will likely find its way to these virgin walls. I have decided to store my inventory of paintings on our walls throughout the house as they add color and are more easily viewable if anyone wants to see something. I couldn't show the end wall unit to the right of the one desk in this photo, but we have plenty of storage now which is a delight to have. We decided against going the built-in route. Aside from the expense of that after having the room addition built, from those who have gone that way I have heard that they lost any ability to change things around and rearrange as their needs change. So, I think this will be better for our uses and it is wonderful to have my computer tucked into one end of my art studio since I use the computer a great deal in my artwork.

Now, after the weekend art sale, we start painting the old office/new guest room Monday and will try to get that finished so we can reclaim our garage which has stored furniture, etc. for the duration of our studio build.

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