Sunday, June 10, 2012

Zane's First Portrait

Our project for this month for the WcW group is to paint a portrait. I realized, not long ago, that by the time Zane's sister was his age I had done 3-4 portraits of her! None so far for poor Zane. Baaaaad Grandmother! So, this is the beginning of Zane's first portrait.

He worked so hard to get these three teeth in that I wanted to be sure to have a photo that showed his sweet smile as well as the teeth. My DIL, Christine, obliged with this shot while they were at Legoland.

This is the first phase of the portrait, where I set in some of the most important contouring shadows, both warm and cool. So far, so good.

Here, I have bravely gone on to adding some color, which I hope will be less impacting when I get the skin tones correct as I glaze on more skin color. We'll see.

Feel free to follow along on this one, if you see something I can correct at this point, speak out! If not, just assume, as I will, that it will be corrected as I go along. There is always hope!

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Vicki Greene said...

I am cheering you on! I remember the lovely portraits of his sister so I know that this will turn out just fine.