Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Zanes Coming to Life

I have intensified the shadows on his face here and added some color to his eyes.

More color to the eyes as well as the beginnings of some eyebrows.

Added the first glazes of color to the shirt and hat, as well as kept working on the mouth and eyes.

Still more glazing of color and values to the eyes and, again, the mouth. Most people fear doing the eyes, I fear the mouth as I find that the most difficult. So far, so good on this, but there will be at least one more glaze on the inside of his mouth to help differentiate that from the lips..

I am at the point that I have to quit before I do something I regret with the piddly stuff. I will let this marinate at least overnight and see what I come up with next.

I had a fun morning of painting Zane!


Vicki Greene said...

He is looking so cute! You are doing a great job.

RH Carpenter said...

He's looking great!!