Sunday, March 06, 2011

Succulent Rose Grisaille

This grisaille underpainting is from a reference photo provided by the Watercolor Workshop as one of our monthly projects. I told the group when I submitted last month's project painting (the rose in blue vase below) that I had used a purple grisaille-type underpainting to set my values and they expressed interest in that process. So, I remembered to take a photo of the finished underpainting before I started adding the color.

I am glazing on blue-green colors and will post when I have finished. I have three glazes on so far and will probably only add a few more to see what shades of blue green I end up with. As I have added the glazes, some of the hard edges seen here have softened quite a bit, and when I am finished I hope to have something that looks more like the soft-edged succulent rose than a typical thin-edged rose as this appears here in the underpainting.

In the next few days I hope to finish this and post the resulting painting. then, on to the second project for this month!

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