Friday, January 07, 2011

Mesa de me Padre WIP 4

Well, after sitting untouched for three weeks over the holidays I finally got back to work on this painting. Now that I have taken a photo of it I can see the goofs better. As usual, I had a bad case of ellipse-itis on the pots. I doubt I can do much about that now, at this point, but will ponder it. I really want to do this one well, so maybe I will start over and pay more attention to the drawing this time.

I hesitate over posting this, but as before, I am trying to run an honest blog here and feel I must show the goofs as well as the triumphs, so here it is. I do like some parts of it but when and if I redo it will try to control my pencil while doing the drawing. Grrrrr

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