Thursday, January 13, 2011

Good news!

I think this is the perfect venue to submit this post, above the photo of Aubrey and I painting. Last night we received a call from our youngest son, Ms. Aubrey's father, informing us that we will be grandparents once again! So, I am officially starting the baby prayers again; this time asking for a redheaded little boy since God blessed me so favorably last time with the very redheaded little girl that I asked for!

Be very aware, this will mean a new input of non-watercolor photos once July gets here! Hooray.....

PS...Rhonda, I know you have vowed to stop using exclamation marks on your blog so much, but allow me this one time to jump for joy with those marks?!

1 comment:

RH Carpenter said...

LOL, Susan. You can use all the exclamation points you want when you're this happy and excited :) And here's a few more, just because I'm so happy for you - and keeping my fingers crossed for another red-haired baby!!!