Friday, June 11, 2010


I, happily, want to report that all is well with Tom's arm fistula for dialysis. The surgeons were able to open the blockages and we will begin dialysis again tomorrow with newly-flowing vessels. We are both tired, but relieved, that we made the correct decision to return early from our vacation and get this taken care of before it became a lot more difficult to repair (as our surgeon confirmed as if we had waited 24 more hours).

We remain committed, however, to dialysis in the motorhome as we travel and will follow our instincts and the advice of our support people through NxStage and DaVita and continue in our travels. We hope to return to Chama to our favorite RV park ever, Sky Mountain RV Park, either later this summer or early in the Fall (when the colors are supposed to be magnificent) and regain more of our vacation experience we missed this time. In the meantime, we are taking care of business dialysis-wise and everything else that has to be done and will resume traveling as we can.


Vicki Greene said...

I am glad that all is well and that you guys had the good common sense to return and get things taken care of. I have enjoyed your photos of this trip.

Barb Sailor said...

Since I was away from my computer for a while, I lost track of many things, including the fact that you cut your vacation short. I am so happy to hear that Tom is now doing well and that the problem has been made better! :)
I pray the remainder of your summer is filled with blessings and beauty!