Saturday, November 14, 2009

Drake and GF - WIP 2

I had some time today to add more modeling shadows to the fowl and increase the shadowy look of the background levee and water. I am thinking it is as important to darken the darks next to the lightest lights as it is to save the whites in the first place. The darker I go on the birds, the more their lightest parts glow. Cool. I am glazing, slowly, shadowy grays over the Prussian Blue for the water so it will soon lose some of the bright blue it shows here and I see now that it is on the screen that I need to correct that inadvertent "U" I got there with the tree reflections. Why I can't see these things as I am painting, I don't know!

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Vicki Greene said...

I remember this picture and you are doing a great job on the painting. Thanks for showing and explaining the notan too.