Friday, October 30, 2009

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday we spent a half a day driving along the San Pedro River. I use the term "river" with some reservation since it had no water in it no matter where we have seen it. You can tell that it is a river by the cottonwoods that grow along the banks and twist and turn with the river's course along the length of it. They are just beginning to turn yellow, we were too early to see much of the fall colors. This is one of the washes that drain to the river, most of the washes were deep, so at times there must be water in these!

Today, we drove to the Safford/Thatcher, AZ areas. It was not that scenic per se, but on the trip there as we neared Safford there was a sign for Lake Roper State Park. Well, on the way back we could not help but go in and see what "our" lake looked like. It was a small lake, but the way the State Park System had designed this area was remarkable. They have wonderful RV facilities, natural hot spring hot tubs, fishing, lots of waterfowl, etc. We had our picnic lunch on an "island" picnic area, that was very quiet and peaceful there. We want to return there to stay in our motorhome for awhile. I also could not help myself, I had to buy a cap that said "Lake Roper State Park".

While in Safford we found a huge Ace Hardware complex that had quite a few large buildings and took up an entire city block. Tom said it made our Sun City West Ace HW look like a Circle K! Since I wanted some copper tubing we stopped in and bought some. The store looked to have everything anyone could need, but we escaped before we bought more than the tubing and some copper wire for my jewelry. we left the store I saw a woman I thought looked familiar, then when I saw her husband I recognized them as the RV park owners of the park where we have stayed in Deming, NM so many times. I asked the man if they were from Deming and he said "yes, and I know you, you are the petroglyph lady"! The last time we walked in to check in at their park he said "Hi, we loved your blog"! How nice to be remembered at all, much less for this blog and the fact that I will go anywhere to take petroglyph photos! He gave us directions to find the wonderful Pony Hills petroglyphs that I showed earlier this summer on this blog. Once again, I realize that this is a small world.


C Hummel Kornell a/k/a C Hummel Wilson said...

Susan, I agree with your friends, I love your blog! Your photos are remarkable and your jewelry and paintings are always wonderful.

Dabs said...

Wonderful photos! You are a very talented gal! :)

Barbara Sailor said...

Lake Roper - what do you know? Were you aware that there was a Lake called Roper before? Your pictures are beautiful, as usual.

Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

Thanks ladies. I'm blushing! Barb, no we had no idea there was a Lake Roper there! It was a fun surprise and I am glad we had the time to explore it. And, I got a cap that says that!