Thursday, July 09, 2009

Still in Deming area

We visited the town of Columbus, NM yesterday and went to Pancho Villa State Park. Since I am so woefully lacking in historical retention of what happened when, I was surprised to learn this happened in 1916 and was a successful attack on this fort near the border with Mexico. The state park has a great museum with some of the historical vehicles and weaponry used when General Pershing led the counter raid into Mexico to find Pancho Villa. He never was found, but the border was once again safe.

Today we went to the desert to a place near Deming to find petroglyphs. Despite directions to find this place and knowing we were in the right place, we only found three petroglyphs. We decided to re-read the directions and plot our course by GPS readings and return tomorrow morning. Today's adventure was not a total disappointment in that we found many rocks to pick up and try to tumble and polish when home. We also saw this owl haunting the cliffs we were near. It sure kept an eye on us, must have had a nest somewhere near it was guarding. Owls can be so huge, this one was medium sized but large against those boulders.

Good weather and good times still here. We actually had some rain this afternoon, but nothing stormy. It does get hot but we are on the desert still so we expected that. More tomorrow, hopefully with photos of the petroglyphs we have been promised.

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Barbara Sailor said...

Your trip has been so is so much fun following along with you. Hope you find those petroglyphs.
Stay safe!