Sunday, July 12, 2009

NM Petroglyphs

Before we left NM we visited this petroglyph site on a very hot day. It was an arduous and hot climb to find these but I felt it worth it as this collection was the best I have seen (and I have seen a lot of petroglyphs!). I think this one must be a drooping yucca, as the area was full of them. As they die, they look like this.

The Kokopelli glyph is the only one I have seen with a staff instead of a flute. Isn't he grand?

I believe one of these is of a tortoise, the most sophisticated glyph of one I have seen. The level of sophisticated detail at this site was unbelievable. Most of the time I cannot imagine what the figures are of, but sometimes the more sophisticated of them give a better clue. This is true of the Bighorn Sheep glyph.

It was a great, although taxing and tiring morning spent traipsing about in the ancient past. We also collected more rocks for the tumbler, this was a great place for that, too.

Now to return our home back to normal after unpacking the motorhome. We will have good memories of our week in Deming. The RV park where we stayed was the 81 Palms RV Park and it was, as always, a good home-away-from-home. The owners are always pleasant and they keep the park in very good condition. They are also knowledgeable about the area around Deming.

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Barbara Sailor said...

These are such impressive pictures of the petroglyphs...what an interesting place. Glad you are home safely and that you had a good time.