Monday, July 06, 2009

Deming, NM

We are in Deming, NM for a few days. We plan on using this as our home base and scooting around nearby places and exploring more. Our first day we spent the morning exploring City of Rocks, a bizarre area of rocks resembling Bedrock of the Flintstones' fame. It is a state park and is halfway between Deming and Silver City.

These four photos are of that area. I was experimenting with my new 70-300 mm lens for my Olympus (early happy birthday from Tom!) and it was great to have. I was much farther away from these rocks than it appears in the photos.

When you see the bird in the yucca photo, I had seen this mama bird on the nest on our way past on this loop of the park and on our way out found it again and zoomed in close. I am not a birdwatcher so cannot identify her species but you can kind of see her chick to her lower right. Judging by her size and her beak, I am reminded of a small falcon I saw at Sonoran Desert Museum and it was identified as a falcon, so maybe it is one?

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Vicki Greene said...

Nice pictures! You guys have a great time.