Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sky Mountain RV Resort in Chama, NM

We traveled this morning to Chama, NM. The sun was shining most of the way here from Santa Fe, but the clouds were gathering in the direction we were heading. It waited until we arrived and got our RV site hooked up before it started raining; so I was able to get a few photos before I came in and started posting on the computer.

We are staying at Sky Mountain RV Resort, which is a lovely setting beside the Chama River. We chose a site which is under the tree canopy and about 10-feet from the river. As I am typing the water is flowing right in front of our rig, with the large windshield affording us a wonderful view of the river. The temps here have been in the high thirties overnight and in the seventies during the day...makes me hate the thought of returning to the desert on this coming weekend! We'll enjoy the cool and clean green while we can and return home early next week.

I plan to sit out beside the river and do some pleine air painting while here, it just begs for that!


RHCarpenter said...

What a wonderful place to park and view the water and the rain, Susan. Come home safely with lots of photos and ideas for paintings.

bdycttdncr said...

Hello Susan,
I came here from WCWS digest today following your link to your jewelry blog in your comment entry. Perused thru your blogs and ended up here. Loved all. I just have to comment on your photos. These that you show here of this trip are absolutely stunning. The composition of this tree, river, clouds, rocks, etc. is so perfect. Being a w/c painter, I find this enticing to paint just as is. Do you allow others in WCWS to use your photos? If not, at any rate, you should render this one. So inviting!
I also love the one of the buttes in their ever-changing shadows w/the storm clouds that you captured a moment of. Marvelous. The photo is great and a w/c rendering would be perfect, too. I'll keep following your trip here on your blog. So interesting what you write.

These clouds remind me of a w/c rendering I did of an old barn in the Heber Valley in Utah that had these massive, stunning white clouds traveling across the mts at a fast pace similar to what you show in this pic. If you'd want, you can find a photo of the rendering on my website: http://ruthswatercolors.shutterfly.com

How wonderful that you can enjoy this country this way and produce professional quality photos of all these locations. Happy & safe jouneying to you,
Ruth Bodycott~

BlogSpot: http://bdycttdncr.blogspot.com/

Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

Ruth...I sent you an off-blog reply but want to thank you for your in-depth and kind words here, too! I so enjoyed this trip and the photography it enabled me to do.

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