Monday, May 25, 2009

A few New Mexico Photos

This first photo is of Roch, our guide who owns NM Jeep Tours. He is a very experienced guide who knows a great deal about the beautiful state of New Mexico and loves to enjoy the natural settings he shows to people. If you are interested in taking a tour with Roch when in New Mexico, check out his website at He is willing and able to custom design a tour for anyone's special interests and needs. He shares his photos of these tours on his Flickr site at it out if you want to see some of the true beauty that is New Mexico.

This next photo is of some of the red rocks we saw at the last part of our daylong tour. It had rained on them and the red color was especially vivid at that time. The wash was dry, but very colorful with the red soil.

This petroglyph of a mask, probably ceremonial, was found at a site in the mountains and was very isolated, which is a good thing since it was not a protected site. There was no graffiti, which was especially nice to see. Thankfully, Roch has permits which allow him access to these wonderful sites on tours and I felt as though we were being given a special gift, seeing petroglyphs which few have seen.

We also visited the Unser Raceing Museum while in Albuquerque, I have not downloaded my camera photos of that yet, so will do that later. All-in-all this has been a great half of our trip and we move on to the last week tomorrow morning, leaving Santa Fe and traveling to Chama, NM. Cool weather, here we come!

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