Saturday, February 21, 2009

Newest Creative Media

Well, I can't say I was looking for something else to occupy my spare time since I don't seem to have a lot of that recently, but the opportunity presented itself for me to take some classes in wire-wrap and wire-sculpting to create jewelry. Since I have collected beads, polished gemstones we have "mined", and have lots of just pretty things to work with I just couldn't resist taking the classes.

Friday was the first class and I created the turquoise pendant, which I added to a string of turquoise beads after I got home. The copper wrap necklace was done by enhancing what was already strung to add some pizazz to this natural stone necklace I beaded about a month ago. I started wrapping a sodalite pendant this morning and am working on beading it now. I'll post that photo when I get it finished. I have to say this is so enjoyable to do, and I hope to improve enough to make them really look great. If my arthritic hands will hold out long enough, I hope to continue on with this.


Michelle Himes said...

These are fantastic, Susan! You are indeed multi-talented.

Doris Glovier said...

Wow Susan, these are gorgeous. When I saw your post on WcW, I immediately came to your blog to see if you'd posted some of the jewelry you're working on. I occasionally bead too. Isn't it fun? The perfect thing to occupy you when you need to settle in for awhile.

Anonymous said...

Your necklaces look gorgeous on the blog, but the photos do not really show the beauty of these pieces. I had the opportunity to see "Susan's Jewels" in person and there's just one word to describe her work...WOW !!!!