Sunday, February 22, 2009

Latest SWAP painting!

I still belong to an online group of artists known as Sharing With Artist Partners (or SWAP). Quarterly, we have a swap during which we receive an original painting from a secret (except known to the Moderator) partner and someone in the group receives one from me. This is the painting I received this week from Teresa, an artist from Madrid, Spain. Isn't this just luscious? I love the way she handled the rind, such juicy colors and just the right mottling of the rind colors.

I have a Wall of Fame in my studio on which hang all of my SWAP paintings, they are all around 5x7 - 8x10 in size and this will go right up there when I get it matted and framed. It is always such fun wondering from whom I will get my next painting! I love them all.

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Michelle Himes said...

Juicy is the perfect word for this. It's making my mouth water. I love Teresa's work, don't you!