Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Watermark Test

I got the idea to watermark my painting photos that will go online from several of my artist friends, hopefully protecting them from being copied for commercial uses by those unscrupulous enough to try that with other people's property. I have the new software to do this and wanted to test it out on the blog before I do too many of my painting folders. This will be a big job!
Anybody have any opinions on how this looks? My goal was to make it unfit for copying, but not so obvious that the watermark would distract from the painting.


Kari Gibson said...

It works - I right clicked it and saved it to photoshop and the watermark was clearly there. It is perfectly obvious, but not intrusive at all. I wish I could understand this watermark business more, instead I just put up smallish images so they don't come out too good enlarged!

RHCarpenter said...

Perfect, Susan. It's there but not distracting when viewing the artwork :)