Saturday, October 04, 2008

Onions II

Well, I got part two of my onion experiment off my mind. I found that I much prefer both the process as well as the results of my more controlled, glazing approach that I used in the first painting. While I like the more vibrant, alive colors in this direct, wet-on-dry method, I find that I lacked the control I wanted and the results show this. I'll go back to my more instinctive, tighter approach for new ones. This was a worthwhile experiment and I enjoyed the process, learned a bit along the way, too.

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Kari Gibson said...

Oh, that was quick! I do like this one though, the onions seem even more life-like and the highlights are softer. The very left onion seems to be better modelled too. I prefer the background in the first one though.

I enjoyed seeing this experiment and reading about the way you felt about the results. Great work!