Friday, April 25, 2008

Nothing to show....

I have no painting photos to show after yesterday's painting session at the Art Club. This is because I was painting on Yupo and was already on the second try at painting the Buchart Gardens painting on this piece of Yupo and had wiped out the first attempt and started another. I am none too pleased with Try Two, either! For some reason I am having difficulty setting the early, background values properly and it is throwing me off for the rest of the painting. So, thinking I have nothing to lose (other than yesterday's paint used!), I will try some of the lifting techniques used by George James and see what happens to this mess. If that fails, I will wipe the whole thing down again and start over. After having done two successful landscape paintings (with ponds or streams) I am not sure why I can't do this one this time that has a pond with lily pads. Must not be my time to do this scene on Yupo. If a third time fails I will not beat myself up about it but will save the photo for watercolor paper. I am just stubborn enough to want to do this beautiful scene well so will persevere and get it done properly one of these days.

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