Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Newspaper Rock WIP 2

I have completed this to the stage where all the background color has been added. Next, I will finish removing ALL the masking, that is if my hand holds out. On a full sheet painting, with all this masking of the figures, that is a lot of rubbing! In addition to the masking on the figures, I used an old toothbrush to flick masking all over the painting so when it is removed it will look like rocky textures with light spots sprinkled. I have started removing the masking and so far I am glad I did the flicking ofn the masking fluid because it looks cool. But, like I said, that is a lot of masking to rub off. After the masking is removed, I will begin texturing the rock and the glyphs and enhancing the cracks and fissures in the rock wall. Did I mention that this is a full sheet painting?

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