Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Art Studio, finally finished!

Here is the art studio portion of the build project, organized as I think will work best. Once I start actually working in here some of these arrangements may change, but I am quite far away from doing much of that. We have completely disorganized our family room, which will need to be put back together after painting, etc., and then move the computers and office furniture into the studio area that will become the office (the corner and wall from which I shot this photo). Then we need to convert the old office into a guest room. So, no rest for the weary for awhile here, but we are at least making some promising progress! The camera angle makes the right side shelves appear to be unlevel, trust me that is not the case....we leveled them all when installing!

I have an ArtChix sale this weekend, followed by a Sun City Grand Art Faire sale on March 3 so I need to get my act together to get ready for these while trying to put the rest of the house back together. Like I said, we have plenty to keep us both out of trouble for quite awhile.

For my SWAP buddies, the wall over the bookcases on the left (and eventually over the French doors) will become my SWAP gallery when I get all of my paintings framed. Cool, huh? Once we get the office part of the studio put together, I will be able to hang more paintings there...the art studio portion has to be more functional, with wall space taken up with storage and shelves.

I am excited to be this far along with this arduous project, it has been a long time since we felt the least bit organized in our house and we are only part way there. But, this is enough excitement for now and I am proud to have it.


Ben said...

Look at how straight those file cabinets are!

Carol Holt said...

Beautiful... I am envious for sure! You are going to enjoy your new art studio so much, I am excited for you!

RHCarpenter said...

How wonderful everything looks! And good luck on the art show this weekend :)