Thursday, July 05, 2012

Mexican Birds of Paradise

I said I wanted to do my next project on Yupo, and I did. This is from a reference photo taken in front of our bathroom window when the sun was slashing through the mesquite tree and lighting just a bit of the foliage in front of the bathroom glass block window.

I just love playing around with Yupo, and find it invigorating to work on sometimes. While I will never leave my beloved watercolor paper, working on Yupo is very inspiring when I want to just play. Sometimes, it just turns out to be what I expected it to be!

It is still on the board if anyone sees anything blaring to you, but for now I am just letting this marinate for awhile before I decide it is finished.

Yupo, 20 x 28


Vicki Greene said...

Susan, first the painting just made me catch my breath. The bright oranges against the blue/purple window are magic. You didn't mention what size it is but I can imagine it large. Second, I burst out laughing as I read your post about looking out the bathroom window and "sin" slashing through the mesquite tree. You have delighted my soul with beauty and given me a hearty laugh all in the same post. Thanks!

Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

I am glad you like it, Vicki! Thanks for catching my spelling goof, guess I shouldn't try to blog at the end of the day. I have corrected that and added the size. I always wonder about the sizes of paintings if artists don't add that, so I will try harder to remember to do that in my posts.

Emmi said...

I'm a bit late comment, but had to say, loverly, loverly. This is a winner!

Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

Thanks was great to hear from you!