Thursday, July 26, 2012

Danged Spammers and Hackers!!

I thought, out of consideration for my fellow bloggers, that I would eliminate the need to do the word verification thingy. Well, I have become very weary of deleting all the "anonymous" garbage comments with links to God-Only-Knows what, so have decided to put the verification back on.Sorry about that.

Due to a fall injury to my back, I have saved my mobility for the most basic of tasks for the past week and have not painted anything. I am so hoping to return to my Thursday afternoon group today and get started on a lotus painting and, possibly start the current WcW project. It has been sitting in my studio, stagnant, since I fell and it ready to go in my new rolling cart with me to art this afternoon (hope, hope). Maybe I should have tried painting while I still had some of the good (as in narcotic) pain pills left...might have been a new creative avenue for me! Actually, I think those happy pills dulled my thinking as well as any creativity that may have been lurking.

I will post my painting attempt from this afternoon tomorrow, hopefully. I am re-inspired!