Thursday, June 02, 2011

Another Photo-less Post

The reason this is photo-less is I was lost in the moment of serendipity and didn't grab my camera. I was at the computer and kept hearing this metallic ding-ding sound. I knew there were quail out on our patio and I began hearing a different quail noise, so went to investigate. We have a vault-type meat smoker on the patio, all of it being made of stainless steel. A male quail had seen his own reflection in one of the legs of this smoker and thought it was an interloper, so he was madly pecking at the smoker leg and the interloper reflection was mimicking his moves (of course) and he was getting more and more upset and pecking faster and faster. He would dart to the side and the reflection would do the same and he was scurrying every which-way trying to vanquish his foe. It was hysterical to see.

And what do you think his girlfriend was doing during all of this battle for her affection? Just prancing around, totally unaffected by the battle.

Pardon me for this bit of fluff today, but I thought it amusing and worth sharing. Next time, I will try to take a photo if I can, but I have never seen this scene playing out and may never see it again.


Carol Blackburn said...

Susan, you painted a beautiful picture with your words. I would have loved to watch this unfold.

RH Carpenter said...

Birds are so territorial and this was a fun "picture" with words :) I've had female cardinals bang into our sunroom windows because she sees another female there (herself). Um, maybe that's why calling someone a bird brain is not a compliment? ha ha

Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

Carol and Rhonda...this was soooo funny when it was happening! I wished I had gotten my camera and recorded a video, but like I said, I was too much in the moment to think of that! I knew immediately what was going on and appreciated it for what it was...a territorial dance!

Thanks, Carol and Rhonda for the kudos for my words, I am trying to be more specific and literate with my posts! Who knows.. maybe a story will erupt, unknown to any of us??