Thursday, August 26, 2010

Another One!

Yes, believe it or not, I finished another painting this week. I was in the mood for something that didn't require a lot of detail and was more impressionistic so chose this Yucca grouping for my focus. When I go away from realism I always feels as if it is undone, but I know if I keep futzing with it the result will not be impressionistic; but, rather, poor realism. So, finished I declare this!

I so enjoyed painting with my Thursday afternoon watercolor group today. It had been too long! I find the painting to be so therapeutic for whatever ails one! While I am so pleased with my husband's progress in his rehab after his many health issues this summer, I still find myself needing to have another focus for my own mental health. Painting and jewelry-making does this for me. I created a wrapped cabochon pendant yesterday and that was exhilarating, also. If you would like to see the pendant, click here. So, you see, I am gradually returning to the creative things so dear to me.

What will be next? I am sure the Watercolor Workshop elves are planning what will be our project for the month of September, so I will await that and see if I can't particiapte in the monthly challenges for once.

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Vicki Greene said...

Susan, I really like this one. You have handled a complicated subject beautifully. I am glad that you now have some time to create.