Saturday, May 22, 2010

We're still here!

Despite my lack of blog posts for awhile, we are still in Chama, still plan on being here for a month, and are just trying to relax after our hectic trip here and enjoy ourselves. Tom's brother, Jim, drove up to spend some time with us and we have been revisiting some of our favorite jaunts from last summer with him.

Our favorite RV park, ever, is Sky Mountain RV Park in Chama, NM. We found it to be as wonderful this time as last time, with the same great people who own and operate the park. As she did last year, the owner allows (and encourages!) me to sell jewelry out of her office display case so I was more prepared this year and brought display pieces and more jewelry. So far, so good, I have sold one necklace!

We are parked beside the park boundary, which is next to a long meadow. In this meadow, last year, the campers photographed elk, foxes and numerous other wildlife. So far, we have only seen birds and cows, but we are hoping to see at least some deer, if not elk.

Just outside of our dinette window is a fir tree. Tom saw this yellow bird and alerted me to get my camera. He (?) stayed in this tree, hopping from limb to limb for quite awhile. Not being a bird person, I have to admit to not knowing what the species is, but it was sure a cutie and such a bright yellow. We've seen it return to the tree several times, so have enjoyed the added color. We have seen Canadian Geese, magpies, crows, red robins, etc. so far. Beyond that I don't know what I am looking at, but will try to find out. If anyone reading this knows what the yellow bird is I would appreciate learning its name.


Ruth said...

Hi Susan, it looks like a goldfinch to me. If the size of a sparrow, that's what I would name it. His mate would be a very dull olive green. Is she hopping around the fir also? We have the goldfinch pair right outside our window here in NH. Don't know if they are in West.
Love your train pix. Happy month in Chamo to you. Ruth

Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

Thanks, Ruth! I do agree since I have researched it online and my thoughts were of it being a goldfinch.

Good to hear from you...

artbyarlen said...

So glad you are in beautiful Chamo. That's one great engine! The yellow bird is beautiful. Keep taking pictures for us. We are in cold Idaho and drove through a snow storm. Tomorrow will be better!

Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

Arlen...You did it, you successfully commented on my blog!

We, too, had snow yesterday morning but not enough to accumulate and it got up to the low seventies in the PM.

Have fun visiting in Idaho, I hope the weather improves for you. I, however, can deal with the cold much better than the incessant wind we have had both at home and on the road and here. Hopefully, this will quiet down soon!

Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

By the way...I just learned from a "bird authority" that this is a Lesser Goldfinch! How cool is that, between Ruth B and I we figured it all out, or close to the species!

artbyarlen said...

If you didn't get my comment.........he is really beautiful. Will check your blog later.