Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bill/Mollie and Tom

I have some good news and bad news to report! The bad news is that Bill, one of the owners of our favorite park, was hauled off to the nearest hospital following an attack of acute appendicitis. They, when operating, they found that that he had a leaking, gangrenous appendix and, thus, is confined to the hospital until at least Saturday. Everyone, including Julia and her father and mother, and his brothers who are arriving this weekend for the Memorial weekend, are working to make his absence less noticeable around the RV park. Tom, who loves Mollie, their dog, decided that he could help by exercising Mollie with a golf club and tennis ball in Bill's absence. So, they played together for well over an hour this afternoon. I don't know about Mollie, but Tom is still "napping" after his romp with her and the tennis ball in this high (almost 8,000 feet)! altitude!

Weather is still good, all temp variations considered. The wind has subsided, somewhat, so we are happy about that. We explored some, but will do more tomorrow, stay tuned!


Gary Keimig said...

Hope things work out as anticipated. going to the hospital is no fun. A few years back I got life flighted to nearest surgical hospital 200 miles away. No fun at all.
Still waiting for our run off. 2 days now without snow. That is a treat. Hoping to have green leaves on trees within next 10 days. LOL

jeannette said...

Hope that Bill will recover soon!
Thanks for responding so quickly. It's no problem, I can enlarge your photo easily (have photoshop) - thanks so much for your consent -I'll probably do it in oil or pastel. Have a great time the rest of the week.